Huntsville Land Trust

The Wade Mountain preserve is a Huntsville Land Trust Property in Northwest Huntsville. Development started in 1991. The property has been expanded and trails and improvements have been progressively added. The main feature of the preserve is the Devil's Race Track (elev 1100) about 1 1/2 miles from the parking lot (elev 700 feet). Originally, the only trail was the one up Wade Mountain and circling the higher prominence presumably where the devil hangs out. This trail named "Devil's Racetrack" is well marked with the Land Trust diamonds. Later a major loop to the west was added with trails called Harris, Shovelton and Wade. Most recently the Rock Wall Trail was added, forming a network with the other trails.

The Racetrack Trail reaches a saddle between ridges that is mostly open except for a few scraggily cedar trees. This is considered a "cedar glade" and has special plant populations. To the east is the race track loop which has the spectacular American Columbo plants. Every 5 years or so these normally low growing plants , shoot up a 6-8 foot stalks with a showy inflorescence. The north side of the racetrack loop has nice views of northern Madison County. The western loops have a number of wildflower types, especially the new Rock Wall trail. Bikes and Horses are permitted on Wade Mountain Trails.

DIRECTIONS FROM HUNTSVILLE: Take Memorial parkway north past Alabama A&M;, cross Winchester Road and take the first left turn, Hollow Road, just north of Winchester road. Follow Hollow Road west to Spraggins Hollow Road. There is a sign there for Wade Mountain Preserve. Turn right and follow Spraggins Hollow Rd through several turns, there is a parking lot and sign for the preserve.

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