Monte Sano State park

The Sinks Trail is a red blazed loop having its ends on the Monte Sano Plateau at 1500 ft. elevation. The northern most end is accessed at the overlook parking area near the old entrance gate. The trail follows the closed Bankhead Parkway for a short ways before leaving the roadway to the right. Watch for the blazes carefully to avoid missing the turn-off.

The trail descends via switch-backs to the sinks area 1200+ elevation. On the way, the Mountain Mist Trail (yellow blazes) is crossed. At the next junction, the Sinks Trail takes a sharp corner to the right (southeast). Going straight ahead leads to the Stone Cuts and other parts of the mountain.

For the next half mile the trail runs through the heart of the Sinks section. It is here that many wildflowers are seen (in season), particularly Virginia Bluebells. The trip through the Sinks ends at a 4-way junction. Taking the right hand trail (with the red blazes) winds its way back up the mountain, re crossing Mountain Mist, and coming out just east of Hiker's Parking Lot.