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Rainbow Mountain Trail Description ----------N. Walker

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Rainbow Mountain trails are accessed from Hughes Road which runs North/ South between highways 20 and 72. Take Thomas Road east from Hughes, Turn left a short distance on Concord, then right again on Stoneway. Travel on Stoneway until reaching the parking lot near a large green water tank. See the inset map on the trail map linked below. Rainbow Mountain has been a popular hiking destination for several years. The trails are demanding in places but the adventure of unusual and interesting sights make up for it. Elevation changes and a few rock hopping places add interest to the Rainbow hike experience.

The most common hike is the Rainbow Loop which has been somewhat shortened to stay within city property. Refer to the trail map (link below) for location of the trail re-route. This loop can be hiked in about an hour but 2 hours would permit a more leisurely pace and time to take a side loop to Balance Rock and to linger for photographs and rest stops.

There is an interior trail called the "Wild Trail" that cuts across the middle of the Rainbow Loop. It is sort of "wild" and adventurous, but actually it is a well marked route.

Another interior route across the Rainbow is the Spring Trail. This Trail is well marked at the upper end but becomes an undeveloped route along a stream bed. The undeveloped trail intersects the rainbow loop at its lower end. There are some very interesting cascades along this route. These are normally dry but would be something to see after a downpour.

A major loop called the JaMooKo, has been added that greatly extends the hiking opportunities on Rainbow Mountain. This mile long loop is accessed from the Rainbow Loop and meanders through terrain, rocky at times, to the lower level of the Rainbow trail system.

The Horecek Glade, focal point for former Wildflower hikes is beyond the limits of public property and is no longer available for access. However numerous wildflowers were showing on the JaMooKo trail in mid May. Indian Pink patches were numerous.

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