Monte Sano State Park


The yellow blazed Mountain Mist Trail is about 2 1/2 miles long. It runs between the 1400 and 1500 foot elevation below the bluff on the north and east faces of Monte Sano Mountain. The northwest end of the trail is accessed from the closed section of the Bankhead Parkway. The trail eventually crosses the Sinks Trail twice, affording a way to get up to the park facilities on top of the mountain, without going further on the Mist trail. The Mist trail continues on for another mile before climbing steeply to join the South Plateau loop near O'ShaughnessyPoint.

There is parking at both ends of the closed portion of Bankhead Parkway and also at the Hiker's Parking Lot. There are many combinations of hikes that involve all or part of the Mountain Mist trail. If unfamiliar with the trail system, use of a map for planning is advised. There is a small fee for use of Monte Sano State Park trails.

Mountain Mist Trail Map

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