Desoto State Park


DeSoto State Park is on highway 89, south of Mentone, Alabama. There is access to the boardwalk on the side of highway 89 just south of the Park Store. This parking area is right at the start of the 1000-ft boardwalk which was built just a few years ago. The boardwalk and continuing trails are called the Azalea Cascade. Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron were about to bloom on May 1, 2004. On that day the Catesby�s Trillium and Pink Lady�s Slippers were plentiful and in their prime. The hike continued beyond the boardwalk along Laurel Creek where other wildflowers were found.

Before the boardwalk was built, the trail in this area was also called the Azalea Cascade. There was a stand of white Lady�s Slippers that are now gone. On the east side of the highway there is a row of cabins. Behind the cabins the terrain slopes down rapidly to the west branch of the Little River. It is here that the Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron flourish.

The DeSoto Scout Trail runs along the banks of Little River. To get an idea of the extent of the DeSoto State Park trail system view or download the nine sheet trail map on http://www.briartech.com/desoto.pdf

Map, Boardwalk Area

Photos With Bloom Time

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