The National Conservancy, Alabama


Check the National Conservancy web site for the Chitwood Barrens Preserve.
They ask that visitors seek permission before entering the preserve.
call (205) 251-1155, or e-mail [email protected].

The Chitwood Barrens Preserve is an Alabama Conservancy Property on Sand Mountain near Fyffe, Alabama. The Conservancy is not liberal with directions and the preserve can be visited by permission only. There is a signboard identifying the property but no other markings or trail tags. Some of the plants here are fragile and endangered so traffic needs to be limited as much as possible. The main plant of interest here is the Green Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia oreophila, alleged to be very rare. However the same species was seen two weeks later in Little River Canyon National Preserve.

The Huntsville Wildflower Society received permission to visit the preserve on May 1, 2004. The first exploratory route taken did not lead to the pitcher plant bog but did have a carpet of wildflowers: bluets, coreopsis, lyreleaf sage, phlox, solomon's seal, lousewort and others. The bog with the pitcher plants in their prime was eventually found. A rare orchid, Whorled Pogonia, Isotria verticillata was also found. It was not quite in bloom. There were numerous more common wildflowers at the bog.

Since the Conservancy needs to be in control of access no maps are provided.

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