Beaverdam Creek Swamp

National Park Service

This site has frequently been called the "Tupelo Gum Swamp" because of the attractive trees by that name that are visible from the boardwalk. Wildflower enthusiasts visit this area mainly because of the presence of the rare small plant, Trillium pusillum. Others come for bird watching or just for the beauty. The parking lot is accessed via a 2 mile road leading west from County Line Road. This road is just south and parallel to I-565. From the parking lot, a quarter mile trail leads to the boardwalk.

This trail provides close-up views of the small trilliums and other wildflowers. The boardwalk, which is also used for bird watching has widened places with seating. Unfortunately a few years ago, vandals burned the boardwalk bridge over Beaverdam Creek and ever since eliminated a section of the boardwalk beyond the former bridge.

Beaverdam Swamp Access Map

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