Eurphorbia corallata

Plant Family.......... Euphorbiaceae(Spurge) Plant Height ....1 to 3 Feet
Leaf Arrangement..Alternate Entire

Habitat.............Fields, open areas
Bloom Date............August

Flower Color....White 1/4 inch

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Flowering spurge is also known as tramps spurge and prairie spurge. The plant grows to 2 or 3 feet in height. The inflorescense develops on 5 or 6 branches growing above a whorl of 3 leaves. The lower leaves are alternate. The small white flowers are on clusters and are slightly less than 1/4 inch in diameter. The flowers and have 5 petals "bracts" and develop protruding green pods. Plants in The Euphorbia genus produce a toxic milky sap that the stems and leaves secrete. The plant parts taste so bad that people and animals so not consume enough of the toxic material to be affected. Flowering Spurge grows throughout eastern US. It can be found on South Shawdee Road on Green Mountain in August and September.

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