Pueraria lobata

Plant Family.......... Fabaceae (pea) Plant Height ....Climbing Vine
Leaf Arrangement..Alternate

Habitat.............Roadsides, Woods
Bloom Date............July September

Flower Color....Light Purple

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Kudzu is a deciduous vine that can often be seen from highways, climbing poles and trees. From late summer into fall the plant has attractive purple blossoms that have the fragrance of grape kool aid. Like other legumes, it is associated with symbiotic bacteria that fix free nitrogen and thus add fertility to the soil. The plant is a native in China and was introduced the the U.S. many years ago for livestock feed and to control erosion. Because of its invasive tendancies, ability to kill trees, and control difficulty, Kudzu is considered one of the worst weeds. The plant can be seen along South Shawdee Dr. and side roads on Green Mountain.

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