Aesculus parviflora

Plant Family.......... Hippocastanaceae Plant Height ....10 Feet
Leaf Arrangement..Palmate

Bloom Date............June July

Flower Color....White

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Bottlebrush Buckeye is a deciduous, perennial shrub that is related to the more common Red Buckeye. The white flower heads, which extend vertically from the stems, are almost a foot long. The corolla part of the individual flowers is about an inch long, but the anthers with their long filaments extend out much further. This gives the whole flower head the appearance of a bottlebrush, and hence the common name. The leaves are palmately compound. Bottlebrush Buckeye is listed as being adapted for stream banks. The specimen shown in the pictures was obtained as a potted plant and planted on a Monte Sano slope. For garden use, the plant needs a large space because of its spreading tendency. It suckers, and can be invasive. Bottlebrush Buckeye is reported to be not as susceptible to buckeye diseases as some of the other species in the family. Bottlebrush Buckeye is rare in the wild in the Huntsville area but may occasionally be found at plant sales.

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