Magnolia grandiflora

Plant Family.......... Magnolia (Magnolia) Plant Height .... 50 Feet
Leaf Arrangement.. Opposite

Habitat............. Open Areas, Roadsides
Bloom Date............ June

Flower Color.... White

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The Southern Magnolia is a large evergreen tree that is popular for landscaping where a lot of space is available. The tree has glossy dark green leaves that stand out even among other trees in the summer. In late May the tree starts producing very attractive white blooms. Blooming continues at a lesser rate through July. The branches reach all the way to the ground Homeowners sometimes prune the lower branches to recover yard area. This is detrimental to the appearance of the tree and also exposes the litter that the tree drops. Although the Southern Magnolia is native, it is not often seen on hiking trails. The easiest way to see the tree is to drive on city streets where it has been planted for its landscaping value. Homes along Whitsburg Dr. in Huntsville have many Southern Magnolias. The Southern Magnolia is difficult to transplant when large. Potted young trees are available in local nurseries. Several cultivars are also available that have special characteristics like larger flowers, smaller size etc.

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