Hydrangea arborescens

Plant Family.......... Saxifragaceae (Saxifrage Family) Plant Height .... 4 Feet
Leaf Arrangement.. Opposite

Habitat............. Mountain Slopes
Bloom Date............ May

Flower Color.... White

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Smooth Hydrangea is a deciduous shrub that grows in most of eastern U.S. It is similar to Oakleaf Hydrangea, differing mainly in leaf shape. Smooth Hydrangea has ovate leaves and a slightly smaller flower head. Like Oakleaf Hydrangea, the flower heads have two types of flowers, the large white rays and smaller inner green flowers that develop the seeds. The flowers are fragrant. There are cultivars of this plant that are widely grown in gardens. The Grandiflora cultivar produces large white flowers all summer.

Smooth Hydrangea is found on the Monte Sano slopes and other wooded areas. It is growing along the side of the closed portion of Bankhead Parkway and also in DeSoto State Park. It is especially abundant along upper Mountain Brook stream bed.

Hydrangeas can be propagated by rooting. One gardener suggests rooting in a zip lock bag. Cuttings are taken in the summer months then prepared and treated with rooting hormone. The cuttings are placed in a large zip lock bag with moistened potting soil. Store in a shady place and check occasionally to make sure the cuttings do not dry out. After several weeks rooting should have taken place and transplanting can be done

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