Solidago xxxx

Plant Family.......... Asteraceae (Composite) Plant Height ....1 to 3 Feet
Leaf Arrangement..Alternate

Habitat.............Dry fields open woods
Bloom Date............Fall

Flower Color....Yellow

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There are numerous goldenrod species growing in North Alabama, making specific identification difficult. Goldenrods are very common and obvious in the fall with their yellow flower heads. Some goldenrods are unusual in that the blossoms at the top open first and then progress downward. In most other plants, the bottom flowers open first. The prolific flowers attract many insects which in turn attract praying mantis. Goldenrod has had a long history of internal and external medicinal use. The most common use was for treating sores and cuts. It is also frequently blamed for causing hay fever. This claim is not true. The real culprit is Ragweed. Brews and wines have been made from Goldenrod, one preparation being called "Blue Mountain Wine". Indians used some of the aromatic species to make tea.

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