Callicarpa americana

Plant Family.......... Verbenaceae (Vervain) Plant Height .... 6 Feet
Leaf Arrangement..Opposite

Habitat.............Woods with partial shade
Bloom Date............July

Flower Color....Pink

Img 1 Bloom Stage-

Img 2, Berry Stage



The American Beautyberry is a deciduous shrub that grows to 6 feet in height. The shrub blooms in July with light purple flowers. The flowers grow along the twigs at the base of the leaf axils. By fall, these blooms develop into clusters of dark red berries that attract birds. The berries last until late in the season. The plant is native to southeastern United States. It commonly grows in lightly wooded and well drained woodlands. American Beautyberry can be propagated by seed or by cuttings. The general attractiveness along with the flowers and berries make this shrub popular for landscaping purposes. The plant can be seen on Monte Sano, Devil's Racetrack and many other local trails. In fall, the bright berry clusters allow easy identification.

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