Albizia julibrissin

Plant Family.......... Fabaceae (Mimosa Family) ... Plant Height ....30 Feet
Leaf Arrangement..Alternate twice compound

Habitat.............Open Areas, Roadsides
Bloom Date............June

Flower Color....White

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The Mimosa is a spreading tree that grows to 30 feet in height. It has compound fern-like leaves and attractive pinkish flowers in the form of pom poms. It was introduced to the United States over 200 years ago and has now become naturalized throughout much of the country. It grows mostly in sunny areas and on many types of soils. Other names for this tree are silk tree, and silky acacia. The silky flowers, which appear in June, are fragrant. The tree grows rapidly and reproduces both vegetatively and by large seed crops. For this reason it is considered a pest and a threat to native species. Roundup is effective in controlling the spread of this plant.
Mimosa trees are seen along highways and occasionally in residential yards. They can be seen along highway 431 on backside of Monte Sano.

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