Polygonatum biflorum

Plant Family.......... Liliaceae (Lily) ... Plant Height ....2 Feet
Leaf Arrangement..Alternate

Habitat.............Moist woods
Bloom Date............April

Flower Color....White
Img 1. .Solomon's Seal -

Img 2. .Solomon's Seal-
 Polygonatum biflorum



Solomon's Seal is an alternate leafed plant that grows in long arching branches. When flowering the branches have a row of hanging clusters of greenish flowers. The flowers are somewhat obscured by the leaves. When not flowering, the Solomon's Seal looks a lot like the False Solomon's Seal. The two plants are not related but grow in the same areas and flower at the same time. False Solomon's Seal is recognized by white flowers at the end of the branches and by a more crooked stem. The genus name (polygonum) means many jointed which refers to the jointed root. The species name (biflorum) refers to the arrangement of flowers usually hanging in pairs. In image 1, to left, notice that the some branches have 3 and even 4 flowers. King Solomon supposedly favored this plant and gave it his "seal" of approval. The plant has been used for medicinal purposes. The crushed plant is good for reducing swelling from injuries. Boiled the roots and inhaling the steam will cure headaches. Spring shoots are edible and the Indians ground dried roots into flower. The plant is easy to propagate from the seeds or by transplanting the roots.

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