Dodecatheon meadia

Plant Family............ Primulaceae
Leaf Arrangement... Basal Rosette
Bloom date............. March April
Plant Height.... 1 Feet
Habitat............ Deciduous Woods
Flower Color... White
Img 1. Shooting Star

Img 2..Shooting Star



Shooting Star is found in most of eastern North America, although it is considered endangered in Florida Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and New York. The Shooting Star, which can grow to 25 inches in height, has basal leaves in rosette configuration. From the basal leaves a flower stalk grows to about a foot in height. The flowers are white in this area but in some states can be pink or lavender. The petals of the flowers are completely reflexed (folded back) and with the hanging orientation of the bloom, gives the impression of a shooting star. . The flowers have a yellow and red coloration at the base of the reflexed corolla lobes. The 6 united stamens are exposed and form the point of the shooting star

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