Phlox divaricata
Plant Family............ Polemoniaceae (Phlox)
Leaf Arrangement... Opposite
Bloom date............. March April
Plant Height.... 1 Feet
Habitat............ Deciduous Woods
Flower Color... Blue
Blue Phlox is a perennial plant has stems that are up to 8 inches tall. The stems can be either sterile (4 inches tall) or fertile (8 inches tall). There are usually 4 pairs of elliptical leaves on the fertile stem. The flowers are lavender or blue and form clusters. They grow in loose heads on 6 to 9 inch stems and have a slight scent. The plants spread by stolons. This plant is widespread in the Huntsville area. Blue phlox can be found on the sinks trail in Monte Sano State park, the wildflower trail in the Huntsville Land Trust, and in the Huntsville Botanical Garden.. Other types of Phlox, include Downy Phlox and Carolina Phlox. Blue Phlox plants can be purchased from Mail Order Natives, Henry Field, and probably other places.

Img 1. Blue Phlox

Img 2. Blue Phlox

Img 3. Blue Phlox

Img 4. Downy Phlox

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