Delphinium tricorne

Plant Family............ Ranunculaceae (Buttercup)
Leaf Arrangement... Alternate, Mostly at Base
Bloom date............. April
Plant Height.... 2 Feet
Habitat............ Rocky Slopes
Flower Color... Blue
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Larkspur is a perennial plant that can grow to over 2 feet in height. The leaves have deep lobes. The flowers are purple and bloom for several weeks. The flowers have 5 purple sepals and are arranged oppositely on the tall stems. The flowers have prominent spurs, as the common name implies. It is reported that Larkspur tends to grow with space between individual plants, although this characteristic is not noticeable in local stands. The flowers start blooming at the bottom and progress toward the top of the stems, getting smaller as they go. Larkspur is poisonous and has been responsible for the death of cattle eating the plant. The alkaloids in the plant affect the nervous system and can cause breathing failure. The plant has long been used for killing lice and other human parasites.

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