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Feb 15, 2006 RUE ANEMONE
N. Walker

Rue Anemone blooms in the first wave of wildflowers in spring. It has white flowers with 5 to 10 petals (actually sepals). The flowers are in clusters and have whorls of small leaves just below the flowers. The flower's appearance in early spring overlaps that of Hepatica, which has no leaves below the bloom. Also the Rue Anemone has yellow anthers versus white for the Hepatica. Also the stems of the Rue are smooth as opposed to fuzzy for the Hepatica. The leaves of the Rue have a characteristic 3 lobed shape. Botanists place this plant in either the Anemonella or the Thalictrum genus. A third similar appearing plant on the Wildflower Trail is the False Rue Anemone.