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N. Walker

Coral honeysuckle is a glossy green climbing vine. The leaves are opposite. The last pair of leaves is fused, giving the appearance of a perfoliate leaf. The plant is deciduous in North Alabama but evergreen in more southern regions. The red flowers are long and trumpet shaped, giving the plant its alternate name, Trumpet Honeysuckle. Another name is Mailbox Honeysuckle because it is often used to decorate mailboxes. The flowers are a favorite of hummingbirds. Red berries develop in the fall. The plant will grow in sun or part shade but needs well-drained soil. Coral Honeysuckle can occasionally be seen on Monte Sano slopes. However, it is widely grown in residential areas and driving around the city is the easiest way to find it. Since Coral Honeysuckle is used for landscaping, the plant is available at nurseries or from catalogs. Seed is available from garden supply centers and catalogs. By searching the web by the genus and species name, sources for seed can be found