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N. Walker

This plant has not yet procuced the bright red bloom that gives it the alternate name "firecracker plant".

Red Buckeye, Aesculus pavia, is an understory shrub that grows to 20 feet tall but are usually much shorter. The distinctive palmate leaves are large (6 inches across) with 5 leaflets. The red buckeye blooms in early spring with bright elongated red flowers growing in terminal spikes After flowering, the plant produces seeds that look like chestnuts but are poisonous. The red buckeye is native to the mid south from Texas to North Carolina. The plant prefers filtered shade and grows well with oakleaf hydrangea and trillium. Germination from seeds can occur as soon as they ripen. The red buckeye is one of the first red tubular flowers of the season and is important to returning ruby throated hummingbirds.