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N. Walker

Other names for this plant are Sweet Betsy and Toad Trillium. Trillium cuneatum is found from Kentucky south to Florida. It is the most common trillium species in North Alabama. Trillium cuneatum can grow to 12 inches in height. Three leaves are arranged in a whorl just below the flower. The leaves have a distinctive mottled pattern. The flowers have three parts and are mostly maroon in color but occasionally have other shades. The flowers are sessile (stalkless) with erect petals and erect spreading sepals. . Blooms first appear in early spring and continue into late spring. There are two other versions of Trillium cuneatum, Trillium cuneatum sessile, and Trillum cuneatum luteum. Sessile is smaller and is common in the Midwest. Luteum has yellow or green petals. Trillium cuneatum is so common in March and April that it can be found on almost any of the hiking trails