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Maple Hill Cemetary Stroll, 5/7/06 LeRoy Pope ..............................N Walker

LeRoy Pope 1765-1844, portrayed by Tim Howard, appears to be shoving an intruder off property he considers to be his. Pope had a reputation of being possessive about land. He was born in 1765 in Virginia and was educated in his home state, In 1780, at the age of fifteen, he served in the American Revolution, and was present at the siege and battle of Yorktown.

In 1790, Pope along with a group of friends and relatives moved to Georgia where they became wealthy. In 1809, Pope was among the first wave of settlers to Madison County, Mississippi Territory (now Alabama). He acquired a large tract of land which included the highly-sought Big Spring, where pioneer John Hunt had settled in 1805. The nature of the Big Springs acquisition and expulsion of John Hunt remains controversial.

In additition to Big Springs, Pope purchased much of the land on which downtown Huntsville now stands, and for his role in the establishment and early growth of that city, has been called the "Father of Huntsville." He named the new town Twickenham after the home in England of his distant relative Alexander Pope. In 1811, the town was renamed Huntsville in honor of the pioneer Hunt.

Pope was active in the early government and civic leadership of Huntsville and Madison County. He presided as chief justice of the first county court, and was among the founders of the first Episcopal church in Huntsville, organized in 1830. He was named by the legislature as a commissioner for the Planters' and Merchants' Bank of Huntsville, Alabama's first banking corporation, and for the Indian Creek Navigation Company.

He was married to Judith Dawson. Their daughters were the ancestors of many prominent people. Pope died in Huntsville on June 17, 1844, and is buried in Maple Hill Cemetery.