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Maple Hill Cemetary Stroll, 5/8/05 THOMAS FREEMAN ...Portrayed by Phillip Wilbanks

The suveyor who completed the layout of Washington City and surveyed Madison County and the boundry between Tennesee and Alabama. Freeman was buried in the Neal family plot. This marker in Maple Hill Cemetery shows the spot that Thomas Freeman established for the Meridian for the newly purchased Indian lands in 1807. A triangular area of 345,000 acres, south of the Tennessee state line, because known as "old Madison County." It was at 86 34' `8" longitude, a point almost midway of the base of the triangle. Freeman established the Huntsville Meridian from which point all the lands of northern Alabama were surveyed. With regard to the Tennesee/Madison Co. Alabama border, Mr. Freeman should have been asked why he put the line over a half mile south of 35 degrees latitude (if 35 deg North was the intended border). It seems like we got gyped out of some territory.