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Maple Hill Cemetary Stroll, 5/8/05 DAVID TODD ...Portrayed by Steve Johnson

David Todd was the Brother-inLaw of President Lincoln. He was a Confederate officer and commander of Libby Prison. President Lincoln's wife. Mary Todd Lincoln, like the other children of her father's first marriage, was a Unionist, but the children of her father's second marriage were all Confederates, and Lt. David Todd was one of these. Already this war had torn apart so many families, and the Todd family was one of them. Lieutenant David Todd, commander of Libby Prison in Richmond was one of many duped into allowing Union spy "Crazy Bet" Van Lew, entrance into the prison on what he deemed a humanitarian mission. Union inmates passed along valuable information to her. Van Lew would promptly report her findings back to Gen. U.S. Grant through a courier. When people got suspicious, Van Lew played up her insanity, wandering the streets mumbling to herself, head cocked to the side as if she were listening to voices .... I did not get a chance to ask David at the Cemetery Stroll how he ended up in Huntsville after the war.